On 27 April 2016, the South African Embassy to the Russian Federation hosted the South African – Russian Business Seminar. The Seminar was aimed at the promoting of increased trade and Investment flow between South Africa and the Russia. The Seminar provided opportunity for engagement between the South African companies and their Russian counterparts in the following sectors:

  • Minerals including  Oil and Gas ;

  • Energy ;

  • Financial Services ;

  • Agriculture  and

  • Defence 

The South African Business delegation was led by the Deputy Minister of Minerals Resources Hon.  Godfrey Oliphant. The South African companies and Government institutions that participated in the Business Seminar expressed their interests to enter the Russian market or have joint ventures with the Russian partners. This companies and Government institutions are:   the Department of Mineral Resources, the Department of Energy, South African – Russian Business Council (South African representative of the Business Council), the United Cities and Local Governments, SMG Capitals and Ladies in the Forefront: leading ladies of Africa.

The Russian counterparts also expressed interest to invest in South African with specific emphasis on infrastructure development including ports and ship building.



The Business Seminar took place on the Day that South Africa observes its 22nd anniversary of its Freedom Day and was preceded by the 7th Festival of South African Wines which is an annual event organised by the  South African Embassy in the Russian Federation in partnership with Wine Extreme ( Importers of South African wines.

Currently the South Africa’s market share in the Russian Federation is by large in Agricultural sector. The largest export items by volumes are edible fruits, mainly consisting of fresh citrus, grape, apples and other exotic fruits.  The second largest agricultural product is wine which is consisting of both bottled and bulk packaged wine. Other products exported from South Africa are packaged vegetables, nuts, and Ostrich meat and fish products.    


Negotiations are on-going for the export of red meat and dairy products from South Africa to the Eurasian Economic Zone.     

The Republic of South Africa  and the Russian  Federation enjoy  a strong  cordial  diplomatic relations which are informed by political, economic, social, defence and security  cooperation and all the relevant legal instruments and mechanisms that affirm the strategic relations between the two countries including  the Intergovernmental Committee on Trade and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) signed in 1999, the Joint Inter-governmental Commission on Military-Technical Cooperation established in 2002, the Treaty of Friendship and Partnership signed in 2006 and the Declaration on Strategic Partnership between the Republic of South Africa and the Russian Federation signed in March 2013. The 13th Session of ITEC was held in November 2015 in the Russian Federation. The next ITEC meeting will be held in South Africa in the second half of 2016.  

South Africa and Russia have strong convergence on the principles and positions on multilateral issues, especially in championing peaceful resolution of conflicts and the primary role of the UNSC in the maintenance of global peace and security, human rights, multilateralism, the rule of law in international relations, the respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of states, the democratisation of the global governance system through the UN, G20, the BRICS Forum.

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