SAA Flight Scheduled from Frankfurt, Germany to Johannesburg on 16 April 2020


Dear South African Citizens in the Russian Federation

Kindly be informed that the South African Airways SAA) has arranged a flight on the 16th April 2020 to transport South Africans from Europe on 16 April 2020.  According to the information received, the flight will be departing from Frankfurt on 16 April 2020 at 11h25 arriving in Johannesburg at 22h05.

The Government of South Africa is aware that the situation in the Russian Federation is different since the country is on a lockdown until 30 April 2020 and no flights available locally and also internationally. The Government requested that, if there is a chance for South Africans in Russia, who have means to pay for the flight tickets, to urgently make arrangements to travel to Frankfurt to catch the flight to Johannesburg. This flight is for all South Africans who are in Europe and other countries who can travel to Frankfurt to catch this flight.

South African nationals, who, owing to a total lack of means, require financial assistance and/or repatriation by way of a loan from Public Funds, are requested to complete this questionnaire.

The attached Consent Form should be filled and signed by the Embassy representative before departure.

All passengers who are in possession of SAA tickets will be exempt from travel costs. In instances where South African citizens are not able to afford to pay for flight tickets,  representations should be made to the South African Government using the attached form. The request should be submitted to DIRCO via the Embassy for approval.

Please be informed that all passengers will be subjected to medical screening prior to boarding in line with the local heath regulations. There will be a compulsory 14 days quarantine upon arrival in South Africa. The Government indicated that no one will be allowed to board the flight without being cleared as a citizen by the Department of Home Affairs and Consular confirming the passenger list with SAA.

Following details of the SAA flight to transport South African Nationals on Thursday, 16th April 2020 from Frankfurt - Johannesburg:

*   Flight Number: SA4261

Departure Time (local time) in Frankfurt: 11h25

Arrival Time (local time) in Johannesburg: 22h05

Departure Airport: Frankfurt International Airport, Terminal 1, Hall B

SAA Check in Counters: Terminal 1, Hall B, Check-in Counter no: 670-671 (subject to change)

Passengers should be at the airport 3 to 5 hours before departure at 09h00 (local time).

Cost per passenger: ZAR 11,994 (converted to 612 EUR) payable in cash prior to departure. Unfortunately no credit cards are allowed.
At the airport cash payments are also limited due to check in procedures and time constraints. 

This message from our Government has been sent to All South Africans in Europe, hence the Embassy is sharing with you.

Enquiries on the above matter could be directed at the South African Embassy on the following emails: Ms MM Pooe  Ms H Malesa

Cellphone: +7 916 569 1112

All South Africans, regardless of whether they are tourists, stranded in Russia, working or studying in the country, are encouraged to register with the Embassy of South Africa in Moscow on the above contact details.

Kind regards


The Embassy of South Africa received several enquiries from South African citizens who were  enquiring about the status of the Visas that have expired or their stay is about to exceed the 90 days stay in the country. 

The Embassy of South Africa  contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Russian Federation to enquire about the situation regarding the Visas that have expired or people who are stranded and their stay will exceed 90 days.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advised that South Africans in the Russian Federation who are in the above categories should visit the nearest Regional Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIAR) with a written request.

Here is the link (in Russian and English languages) from the MIAR site with information in this regard https://xn--b1aew.xn--p1ai/news/item/19812878 

South African citizens in the Russian Federation can also contact the Embassy of South Africa on the following contact details:

- General enquiries: +7 916 5691 112
- Immigration and Civic Service: +7 916 548 1547

The South African government has established a 24 hours National Command Center for Covid-19:

Enquiries in this regard could be directed to the following contact details:

Tel: +27 12 351 1754 / +27 12 351 1756